Our enterprising team at Tri drive turn-key solutions for leading sports teams and brands worldwide.

We develop and manage licensing strategies linked to great design, manufacture and distribution of products.

We are a one stop shop that continues to deliver results by combining global sourcing with direct manufacturing capabilities to deliver outstanding products and service.

Always ensuring that we deliver the best quality and value which always pleases you the customer.

Backed up by dedicated merchandising and creative marketing support, our team are justly proud of their 20 years experience in the management of integrated official merchandising and own brands programmes.

We have an extensive history of working with Retail (direct links / accounts to Grocery, High Street and On-Line), Sponsors, Corporates, and Event partners to produce high quality bespoke collections that deliver on direct IP and Marketing Strategies.

Our strong credentials in what is an ever increasing competitive market of bespoke, performance,  mainstream and premium products highlights our ability to work within the parameters of your direction or indeed structured Brand Guidelines.

Branding bespoke products to provide parallel solutions for every tangible experience.